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Credit for the development of village, tourism and folk crafts in somoni, 22% per annum, up to 3 years

       Organization rates for date      
Code Currency Ask Bid
840 USD 10.9200  10.9700 
810 RUB 0.1160  0.1190 
978 EUR 11.4500  11.5500 
156 CNY 1.5000  1.6500 
Legal rates of National bank of Tajikistan to somoni
Code      Currency    Rates
840 USD 10.9571
810 RUB 0.1181
978 EUR 11.8643
156 CNY 1.5327




Would you like to make your own savings and increase it?
So "FAZO S" never lets you disappoint.
Deposit currency: Somoni, US dollar, Euro
possibility of receiving percent;
opportunity to replenishment the deposit;
Documents required to open an account: a request for opening a depodit account, a passport and a PIN.

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